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Savings Bond Pro® - Requirements

To install and use Savings Bond Pro properly, your PC must have:

  • Microsoft Windows Versions 7 or above (recommended). Lower versions may work, but we will no longer provide technical support.
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE) 4.0 or higher*
  • Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 4.05 or higher*
  • Stand–alone Disk Space: 40 MB (with the Treasury File: 400 MB)**
  • Client/Server Disk Space: 25 MB/120 MB (with the Treasury File: 25 MB/500 MB)**
  • 32 MB RAM, recommended
  • 800 X 600 resolution, recommended


  • Users need read, write, modify, and delete permissions in the Bond Pro folder.
  • To use SQL Server, you must already have the database structure in place.

*IE is needed to view the Help System; if you have Internet connectivity, you can also download new bond values from within Bond Pro. Acrobat Reader is needed to view or print paper tables, FS Publication 0022, gift certificates, and the like. Both can be installed using the Bond Pro CD.

**The Treasury File contains a list of bonds reported to Treasury as lost, stolen, destroyed, or not received. If the Serial Number Review feature is used, this file is required – all serial numbers entered in Bond Pro will be compared to the Treasury File. If a match is found, Bond Pro will instruct you on what to do.