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EE bond interest rates for bonds issued since May 2005

EE bonds earn interest until the first of these events: You cash in the bond or the bond reaches 30 years old.

We add interest to the bond every month. Also, every sixth month from issue, we begin applying the bond’s interest rate to a new value: the sum derived from taking the bond’s previous value and adding the total interest the bond earned in the following six months.

This is called semiannual compounding. With it, your money grows not just from the interest percentage but from the fact interest is calculated on a growing balance.

These EE bonds earn a fixed rate of interest

First 20 years

EE bonds that we issued since May 2005 earn a fixed rate of interest that is set before you buy the bond. They earn that rate for their first 20 years.

At 20 years

If you buy an EE bond now, we guarantee that in 20 years it will be worth at least twice what you paid for it. (This is true for any EE bond bought as far back as June 2003.)

Current Interest Rate

Series EE Savings Bonds

For EE bonds issued May 1, 2024 to October 31, 2024.

If you keep the bond for 20 years, we will make a one-time adjustment, if necessary, to fulfill this guarantee.

Also at 20 years

For bonds bought since May 2005, we may change the interest rate or the way the EE bond earns interest for the last 10 years of the bond's 30-year life. If we do that, we must do it before the bond is 20 years old.

If you do not want that new interest rate or the new way the bond will earn interest in its last 10 years, you can cash it when it reaches 20 years and has at least doubled what you paid for it. (You can, of course, cash the bond any time after it is 1 year old.)

You can find a bond’s current value

If the bond is in TreasuryDirect, look in your account there. If the bond is paper, use the Savings Bond Calculator.

Note: For bonds less than 5 years old, values shown in TreasuryDirect and the Calculator don’t include the last three months of interest. That’s because if you cash a bond before 5 years, we don’t pay you the final three months of interest.

Paper bonds differ from electronic bonds in 2 ways

The price compared to the face value differs.

  • Paper EE bonds were sold for half their face value. You paid $50 for a $100 paper EE bond.
  • We sell electronic EE bonds for their face value. You pay $100 for a $100 electronic EE bond.

The purchase amount of the bonds may differ.

  • Paper EE bonds were sold only in certain amounts.
  • You may buy electronic EE bonds in any amount from $25 to $10,000 in penny increments. For example, you may buy an electronic EE bond for $36.73.

Here’s how we set the interest rate for these EE bonds

For an EE bond you already own that we issued since May 2005, the interest rate is already fixed (at least for the first 20 years of the bond's life).

Each May 1 and November 1, we set the interest rate for all EE bonds we’ll sell in the following six months.

To set the interest rate, we take market yields and adjust them to account for components that are unique to savings bonds. Examples of those unique components: The fact that we let you cash the bond after you have had it for one year and the fact that you can wait to pay taxes until you cash the bond (which could be 30 years after you buy it).

Interest rates for EE bonds since May 2005

Date we set the fixed rate for EE bonds Fixed rate for EE bonds we issued in the 6 months after that date
May 1, 2024 2.70%
November 1, 2023 2.70%
May 1, 2023 2.50%
November 1, 2022 2.10%
May 1, 2022 0.10%
November 1, 2021 0.10%
May 1, 2021 0.10%
November 1, 2020 0.10%
May 1, 2020 0.10%
November 1, 2019 0.10%
May 1, 2019 0.10%
November 1, 2018 0.10%
May 1, 2018 0.10%
November 1, 2017 0.10%
May 1, 2017 0.10%
November 1, 2016 0.10%
May 1, 2016 0.10%
November 1, 2015 0.10%
May 1, 2015 0.30%
November 1, 2014 0.10%
May 1, 2014 0.50%
November 1, 2013 0.10%
May 1, 2013 0.20%
November 1, 2012 0.20%
May 1, 2012 0.60%
November 1, 2011 0.60%
May 1, 2011 1.10%
November 1, 2010 0.60%
May 1, 2010 1.40%
November 1, 2009 1.20%
May 1, 2009 0.70%
November 1, 2008 1.30%
May 1, 2008 1.40%
November 1, 2007 3.00%
May 1, 2007 3.40%
November 1, 2006 3.60%
May 1, 2006 3.70%
November 1, 2005 3.20%
May 1, 2005 3.50%

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