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Privacy and Civil Liberties Impact Assessments

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service conducts a Privacy and Civil Liberties Impact Assessment (PCLIA) on information systems that collect personally identifiable information from the public.

We do PCLIAs to ensure that we

  • tell the public the information that we collect about them
  • adequately address impacts these systems have on personal privacy
  • collect only enough personal information to administer our programs, and no more

Also, PCLIAs confirm that

  • we use the information for the purpose intended
  • the information remains timely and accurate
  • the information is protected while we have it
  • we hold it only for as long as we need it

The following PCLIAs include only the programs on this website. For a list of all PCLIAs for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, go to

All these documents are PDFs

Debt Information Management System (DIMS) (uploaded 03/28/2019)

HH-H Privacy Impact Assessment (uploaded 09/25/2018)

moveLINQ Privacy Impact Assessment (uploaded 08/30/2019)

REGII Privacy Impact Assessment (uploaded 08/30/2019)

Savings Bonds Replacement System (SaBRe) Privacy Impact Assessment (uploaded 10/09/2019)

Treasury Automated Auction Processing System (uploaded 03/28/2019)

TreasuryDirect Privacy Impact Assessment (uploaded 03/28/2019)

Treasury Retail E-Services (TRES) (uploaded 08/30/2019)

Treasury Retail Securities Software Application (TRSSA) (uploaded 08/30/2019)