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Searching for a bond (Treasury Hunt®)

What is Treasury Hunt?

Treasury Hunt is our online search tool for finding Treasury Securities or missing interest.

Use to see if

you, or a loved one who has died, have Treasury securities for which proceeds have not been paid.

you are missing interest payments on Treasury securities

How do I use Treasury Hunt?

You put in just a few pieces of information: Social Security Number/ Employee Identification Number or First, Middle and Last Name and state.

You'll see dots for the Social Security Number to protect your privacy.

What if I get a match?

If the search finds securities that match your information, you'll get instructions on what to do next.

A Treasury Hunt reference number is unique to a specific name and Social Security Number/ Employee Identification Number that was searched. A separate claim form will be needed for each name or Social Security Number/ Employee Identification Number you searched, and results are found. If you include more than one Social Security Number/Employee Identification Number on the form, the added records will not be searched.

(Under the Privacy Act of 1974, if you are not the owner or co-owner of the Treasury security, we are limited in what we can tell you.)

What if nothing matches?

Try again later. We update the data every month.