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A New Look for TreasuryDirect

If you haven't had an opportunity to visit our other websites in a while, you may want to take some time to visit TreasuryDirect during the next few weeks. We're making some exciting changes in the products, services, and information we offer over the Internet.

Here are just a few:

  • We're redesigning the TreasuryDirect website to make it even easier to find the information you need and to use our e-commerce programs, such as TreasuryDirect – My Account, Electronic Services for Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds, TAAPSLink, Fedinvest, SLGSafe® and others.
  • The new TreasuryDirect home page – – will allow you to find information based on your needs as either an individual investor, corporation, or government agency.
  • As you travel through the website, you'll notice consistent navigation (known as breadcrumbs) at the top of the web pages that tell you where you've been and where you're at in TreasuryDirect.
  • We're also changing the colors on the web pages in your TreasuryDirect account. You'll still be able to manage your electronic EE and I Bonds as you always have, plus we've added a few new features!

To find out more, watch for updates on and

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