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Third Annual SLGS Forum

April 23, 2004 — National City Bank hosted Public Debt's third annual State and Local Government Securities (SLGS) forum on April 13-14, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Forty representatives attended from 20 different organizations, including trustee banks, bond counsels, underwriters, and financial advisors.


  • Clifford Gannett from the Tax Exempt Bonds Outreach Program Office of the Internal Revenue Service discussed past and current enforcement efforts with respect to IRS arbitrage and rebate rules.
  • Steve Watson of Treasury's Office of Tax Policy provided an overview and clarification of topics in the SLGS regulations.
  • Thomas Peterson, a partner at the firm of Ice Miller, described the merits of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds.

Panel Discussion: “The Anatomy of a Refunding”

Jane Herndon, a bond counsel for Ice Miller; Dan Kramer, a financial advisor for Crowe; and Damian Maggos, an underwriter for City Securities Corporation, explained the process involved in a refunding bond deal. The panel participants spoke from their specialty skills.

They explained what each skill contributes to developing the deal, including the step of subscribing in SLGSafe. Forum attendees agreed that this discussion was thorough and informative.

Other Forum Highlights

  • Attendees were provided with a demonstration of SLGSafe, our secure website that lets customers subscribe for SLGS securities on the Internet. This session addressed how to use SLGSafe to manage portfolios electronically and explained the recent enhancements to SLGSafe. Time was also devoted to discussing possible future enhancements to SLGSafe.
  • Public Debt presented the results of the SLGS Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey data demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of SLGS customers are satisfied with the services they are receiving from SLGSafe and with the overall SLGS program.

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