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Fiscal Service Launches Interactive Guide to Savings Bonds


June 06, 2024

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service has launched a new educational resource offering a high-level guide to savings bonds on (Fiscal Data).

This resource presents a clear and concise explanation of savings bonds, providing essential information on the history of U.S. savings bonds, benefits to citizens, and the role it has in federal finances. The new guide allows you to explore how savings bonds help finance the federal government, what influences the purchase of savings bonds, what happens when savings bonds mature, and more, all through engaging, educational content and interactive visualizations powered by Fiscal Data’s library of modern, downloadable datasets.

Fiscal Data promotes transparency in government by making federal financial data available to all citizens. Using a storytelling approach, combined with data visualizations, site visitors can learn about a variety of topics including federal revenue, spending, debt, and deficit.

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