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The Fiscal Service Announces Treasury Hunt Matured Savings Bond Search Tool


December 30, 2019

The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service today announced its Treasury Hunt® search tool is available for owners of matured savings bonds.

To date, bond owners hold more than $26 billion of savings bonds that are no longer earning interest. Treasury is hoping to encourage bond owners to cash their matured, unredeemed savings bonds since savings bonds stop earning interest after 30 years.

The Treasury Hunt online tool makes searching the status of Treasury bonds simple by allowing individuals to discover:

  • If they have savings bonds that have matured and are no longer earning interest
  • If they have savings bonds owned by deceased family members
  • If they have undeliverable payments that were returned to Treasury in the past

The online tool is one way that Treasury is working to reach bond owners and get the word out about uncashed, matured savings bonds. Treasury also is encouraging states to provide a link to the Treasury Hunt search tool on their unclaimed property websites.

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