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If You Need Help Downloading...

General Note for all Users:

While most of our pages can be viewed through a web browser, some files require additional software programs to view.  More information on the various plug-ins and viewers needed to use all our content can be found on our Plug-ins and Viewers page.

Downloading difficulty can arise from a poor connection to the Internet. Note that your computer can indicate you have a high connection speed, and yet still have a poor connection. Try disconnecting and then reconnecting. It is also possible the Internet is experiencing a high level of congestion at the particular time you try to download. Your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) might also be experiencing a high load on its servers. In either case, simply try the download at a different time of day. If you consistently have success downloading from other sites but not ours, then it is possible your ISP has our routing table entry listed incorrectly. In this case, please email and indicate the name and phone number of your ISP.

If you are using a network connection to the Internet, you are probably behind a firewall. To resolve downloading problems, first check with your network\firewall technical support staff to ensure they have not restricted access or are not experiencing internal network problems. For security reasons, some corporations and government agencies limit access or block it completely. If you have success downloading from other sites but not ours, please have someone on your technical support staff email regarding the problem.

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