Qualified Tax Credit Bond Rates

Section 54A of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) provides rules for the issuance and use of qualified tax credit bonds including new clean renewable energy bonds, qualified energy conservation bonds, qualified zone academy bonds, and qualified school construction bonds. For rates on clean renewable energy bonds issued under Section 54 of the IRC, check our CREB page.


Current business day rate is normally available by 10:00 am ET.


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*Permitted Sinking Fund Yield - The maximum permitted yield for the sinking fund expected to be used to repay the issue under section 54A(d)(4)(C) of the IRC. The permitted sinking fund yield is equal to 110% of the long-term adjusted applicable federal rate (AFR), compounded semiannually. The permitted sinking fund yield is updated monthly.

These rates will normally be published by 10:00 am ET each federal business day.

For more information on qualified tax credit bonds, call the Internal Revenue Service's Office of Associate Chief Counsel (Financial Institutions & Products) at (202) 317-6980.