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Converting Paper Savings Bonds

Do You Have a Paper Savings Bond? Switch to Digital!

Digital savings bonds offer the same benefits as paper savings bonds, but with these added conveniences:

  • No worrying about misplacing or storing paper bonds
  • Buy or cash savings bonds online any time
  • All of your bonds in one convenient location
  • Online access to account activity, including recent purchases and current bond values

Convert Your Paper Savings Bonds Today

You can trade in your paper bonds for digital bonds using TreasuryDirect's SmartExchange program. Learn about converting your bonds through SmartExchange.

Making the SmartExchange is Easy:

Step 1: Sort your paper savings bonds into groups by "registration"— the name(s) of the bond owner(s).

Step 2: Log into TreasuryDirect to convert your paper savings bonds.

Step 3: Enter the information about your paper bonds.

Step 4: Mail your paper bonds to TreasuryDirect for conversion.

How to convert your paper savings bonds

Follow our convenient step-by-step guide for converting your paper savings bonds to digital using SmartExchange.

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Interested in more details on SmartExchange?

Check our FAQs for answers to your questions about the conversion process. Note: SmartExchange is only for the conversion of paper savings bonds.

For the exchange of Treasury marketable securities, see our information page.