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Download materials to help spread the word about Treasury savings options:

Nonprofit Toolkit

Savings Bond Gift-Giving Toolkit:

U.S. Savings Bonds make meaningful gifts to honor important milestones like graduations and birthdays. Use these toolkit resources to share information about giving savings bonds as gifts and setting up a TreasuryDirect account for a child within the parent or guardian's own TreasuryDirect account so he or she can receive a gift savings bond.

  • Newsletter article Word Document: This sample newsletter copy can be used to help remind people that savings bonds are meaningful gifts that will be useful long after a graduation or birthday celebration ends.

  • News brief Word Document: Do you have a communications vehicle with shorter word limits? Here’s a brief paragraph about the benefits of giving savings bonds as gifts.

  • Social media posts Word Document: You can use these brief tips about buying savings bonds as gifts in your organization's Facebook posts, Tweets or other social media channels.

Financial Literacy Month Toolkit:

Use the following resources to help spread the word about saving during April Financial Literacy Month:

  • Newsletter article Word Document: You can use this sample newsletter copy in April, encouraging people to explore savings options during Financial Literacy Month.

  • Social media posts Word Document: Spread the word about savings during Financial Literacy Month through Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels using these suggested posts.

America Saves Week Toolkit:

America Saves Week (February 25 to March 2) is a good time for people to assess their financial situation and learn more about different ways to save. Use the following materials to help spread the word about America Saves Week and available saving tools and resources.

Tax Refund Toolkit:

Use the following resources to help spread the word about how using tax refunds to buy Series I Savings Bonds can help achieve greater financial security.

  • Newsletter article Word Document: Include this article in newsletters or on your website to inform those in your community about buying savings bonds with tax refunds.

  • Web banners: Use these banners on your website to direct community members to, where they can learn more about using tax refunds to save for the future.
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  • Social media tips and messages Word Document: Incorporate these social media posts and messages into your organization's social media channels to encourage savings and inform the people you serve about the opportunity to buy savings bonds with their tax refund.

Nonprofit Toolkit: