It's Employee Benefits Season – a Good Time to Encourage Saving with TreasuryDirect Payroll Savings

As autumn approaches, many workplaces are once again turning their attention to open enrollment of employee benefits, including retirement savings plans. Now is a great time to encourage employees and community members to take control of their future by saving money each pay day with TreasuryDirect Payroll Savings from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

TreasuryDirect Payroll Savings makes it easy to buy digital U.S. Savings Bonds and other Treasury securities through recurring direct deposit. Whether just starting to save or supplementing existing savings, Payroll Savings is a unique way for people to save automatically each pay day by allowing them to:

  • Decide how much they want to set aside and gradually build their savings over time.
  • Use direct deposit and recurring purchases to save with Treasury securities like U.S. Savings Bonds.

Payroll Savings is simple for employers to offer as a stand-alone savings option or as a supplement to existing voluntary benefits programs. It requires very little company time or resources because—after helping to establish direct deposit—the employee assumes all responsibility.

For more information visit the Payroll Savings section of the Ready.Save.Grow. website. For materials to share, check out our toolkits for nonprofits, employers, and financial institutions.

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Share Our New Video on TreasuryDirect Payroll Savings

Americans have trusted Treasury's Payroll Savings to help them save since the 1940s. With U.S. Savings Bonds available online, regular savings through payroll direct deposit is even more convenient. Payroll Savings is a great way to automatically set aside money each pay day and build toward important goals, like owning a home, a college education or retirement.

A new video from Ready.Save.Grow. explains Payroll Savings and how to participate. A step-by-step tip sheet on buying savings bonds and other Treasury securities through Payroll Savings is also available from Ready.Save.Grow. Share the video and tip sheet with your employees and community members today, and encourage them take control of their financial future.

Partner Spotlight: Operation HOPE

Operation HOPE is taking advantage of Ready.Save.Grow. free resources and materials to strengthen its arsenal of financial empowerment tools.

Operation HOPE—which is dedicated to expanding economic opportunity in underserved communities through economic education and empowerment—announced its support of Ready.Save.Grow. in a recent news release. "Through Ready.Save.Grow., individuals can get information and access to affordable, safe and convenient Treasury savings options that can help them build a stake in their future and ultimately help move the community from underserved, to an emerging market," said Lance W. Triggs, Division President, HOPE Financial Dignity Centers and Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles.

Operation HOPE is distributing Ready.Save.Grow. information about how to buy digital savings bonds and Treasury marketable securities at 10 local HOPE Financial Dignity Centers, which offer financial resources, literacy and counseling to clients. The Financial Dignity Centers support Operation HOPE's new program, 700 Credit Score, focused on helping underserved community residents build their credit scores.

Looking for new ways to help your constituents save for the future? Visit the partner section of the Ready.Save.Grow. website for a wide variety of free tools and resources. You can also discover information about Ready.Save.Grow. by following us on Twitter—@ReadySaveGrow—and checking out our Facebook page.

Coming Up: "Save Out Loud" Contest for K-12 Students!

Ready.Save.Grow. is preparing to launch its "Save Out Loud" Contest for K-12 students that celebrates kids' savings goals. Help our nation's youth get on the path toward saving by encouraging students and their families to enter photo and video essays on the Ready.Save.Grow. Facebook page. Stay tuned for more details about the contest and how to get involved!


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