U.S. Department of the Treasury Launches New Ready.Save.Grow. Campaign

Millions of people indicate they need a safe and convenient way to save for long-term goals. To help people take control of their financial future, the U.S. Department of the Treasury recently introduced Ready.Save.Grow., a public education campaign to provide information about Treasury savings options, like U.S. Savings Bonds.

A diverse partner network is a key element of the Ready.Save.Grow. campaign. To aid partners in spreading the word, the user-friendly Ready.Save.Grow. website—www.treasurydirect.gov/readysavegrow—offers turnkey resources for  educating community members and other stakeholders about how easy it can be to save with Treasury savings options. Among the available resources are toolkits developed specifically for non-profit organizations, employers and financial institutions.   

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U.S. Department of the Treasury Launches New Ready.Save.Grow. Initiative

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  Partner Tools/Resources
Toolkit for nonprofit organizations.

Toolkit for employers.

Toolkit for financial institutions.


Everyone Has a Savings Story

Retirement? A home? College? See what motivates people in your community to save.



Spread the Word about Savings with Ready.Save.Grow. Partner Resources

Through Ready.Save.Grow., the Treasury Department offers turnkey tools and resources your organization can share to spread the word about affordable, safe and convenient Treasury savings options. By providing information and answering questions, you can pave the way for people to grow their future savings and, at the same time, build stronger relationships with those you serve.

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The Shift to Digital Savings Bonds

For 75 years, U.S. Savings Bonds have been an important part of many Americans’ financial planning efforts. Today, tens of millions of people hold $180 billion in savings bonds.

You may be aware that paper savings bonds are no longer available, but digital savings bonds can still be conveniently bought online through TreasuryDirect. With no fees, a proven track record and an affordable minimum purchase of $25, savings bonds remain a great savings option.

Learn more about the shift to digital savings bonds. You'll also find helpful resources for opening a free account in TreasuryDirect, buying savings bonds as gifts, and using direct deposit to automatically buy savings bonds each pay day.



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