Treasury’s Ready.Save.Grow. Campaign Educates Americans About Savings Resources During April Money Smart Week

Money Smart WeekWashington, D.C. – (April 03, 2013) – The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Ready.Save.Grow. campaign is joining with other financial education leaders across the country in Money Smart Week 2013, an annual public awareness campaign presented by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, committed to helping consumers better manage their personal finances. Ready.Save.Grow., a campaign sponsored by Treasury Department's Bureau of the Fiscal Service, provides tools and information about affordable, safe and convenient Treasury savings options that assist people in achieving their long-term goals, such as saving for college, a new home or retirement.

As a Money Smart Week 2013 partner, the Ready.Save.Grow. campaign will provide materials and content to support efforts and events focused on educating consumers about making sound financial decisions and building savings to pursue long-term goals. Similar to Money Smart Week, the mission of Ready.Save.Grow. is to encourage Americans to take control of their financial future. Opening a free, online TreasuryDirect account enables Americans to buy and manage savings bonds and other Treasury securities. Plus, parents can open accounts in TreasuryDirect for their child, allowing that child to receive savings bonds as gifts at any time or for milestone occasions such as birthdays and graduations.

"Events like Money Smart Week draw attention to the importance of saving and the need to encourage people to stay on track with tools and information that can assist them in achieving their goals," said Jerry Kelly, national director of the Ready.Save.Grow. campaign. "It can be overwhelming to get started or to expand a savings plan, but with digital savings bonds it's a low barrier of entry at $25. In addition, contributions each pay period to a TreasuryDirect account or receiving savings bonds as gifts are good ways to grow an initial $25 savings bond."

Held April 20-27, Money Smart Week is celebrated across the country through a coordinated effort of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, government agencies, financial institutions, local government officials and non-profit organizations focused on financial education and capability. The events feature complimentary educational seminars, activities and materials covering all facets of personal finance – from setting up a budget to buying a first home to estate planning. More information can be found at

To learn more about U.S. Savings Bonds, other Treasury securities and how to open and manage a TreasuryDirect account, visit For a video detailing an automatic way to save with payroll direct deposit, go to


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