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Savings Bonds University - Available Courses

Important Notice: The Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis are notifying you that the Savings Bonds University online training modules will no longer be available as of September 29, 2017. Please note all information contained within Savings Bonds University is available at treasurydirect.gov. We've provided a link for your convenience. https://www.treasurydirect.gov/instit/savbond/guide/guide.htm

Course Objectives
What is a Paying Agent? As a savings bond agent, financial institutions meet customers' needs by providing assistance with redeeming savings bonds and answering savings bonds questions. This module summarizes the benefits and responsibilities of a savings bond agent.
What are U.S. Savings Bonds United States Savings Bonds are registered, non-marketable securities that represent loans made to the United States by an investor. Financial institutions redeem them for their customers by submitting them to the Treasury Retail Securities Site. This module helps you become familiar with different features of savings bonds.
Reissuing U.S. Savings Bonds Sometimes, savings bond owners need to make a change to a savings bond registration. They may want to change a name, add or remove an individual, or correct an error in the registration, but do not wish to redeem the savings bond. These requests are handled by reissuing the savings bond. This module provides step-by-step procedures for reissuing the savings bond and information to help you determine if a savings bond can be reissued and if there are any tax liabilities.
Redeeming U.S. Savings Bonds This module provides step-by-step procedures for redeeming savings bonds, as well as valuable information regarding your liability as a paying agent. By law, you are liable for any loss that results from cashing a savings bond, unless the Treasury is able to determine that the loss was not due to your fault or negligence. Therefore, you should pay only those savings bonds that are eligible for redemption and comply with the Treasury's instructions.
Handling Lost, Stolen, Destroyed, Mutilated or Not-received U.S. Savings Bonds This module provides scenarios which describe what customers may need to replace paper savings bonds that have been lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated or not-received and the actions you should take to assist those customers.
Determining the Value or Rate for U.S. Savings Bonds In this module, you'll learn the step-by-step procedures for determining the value or rate of savings bonds. In addition to requests for redemption, customers may ask you to determine the value of or rate for their savings bonds that haven't yet reached maturity. You can use the pricing tools introduced in this module to assist them.
Introducing Savings Bond Pro This module presents a brief overview of Savings Bond Pro. It is intended to introduce you to some of the features of this software, rather than give detailed instructions. Consequently, as it is an informational module, a certificate is unnecessary.

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