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Savings Bond Pro® - Other Updating Tips

  • To save the update file into your Bond Pro folder, right click the icon for Savings Bond Pro and select Properties. The Shortcut tab will show your Bond Pro folder’s path in the Start In field.
  • When you browse for the update file, make sure you’re browsing to the same folder where you downloaded and saved the update file.
  • Try downloading the update file to your desktop rather than into your Bond Pro folder. If you do this, remember to browse to your desktop.
  • If you've removed the Read-only attribute from the update file in your Bond Pro folder and you still get the "file could not be copied" error message, select all files in your Bond Pro folder, then right click and remove the check mark beside the Read-only option. Click the Ok button, then try to update again.
  • Be sure to save the update file with the name sbbpcrv.exe. Savings Bond Pro won’t recognize the update file saved with another name. If all else fails, there may be a problem with the drive mapping on the shortcut to your Savings Bond Pro. To update without referencing the mapped drive:
    1. Open Windows Explorer and find your Bond Pro folder.
    2. Double click the file BondPro.exe to open Savings Bond Pro.
    3. Select Maintenance, System Maintenance, and Redemption Table tab, respectively.
    4. Click the Download button and save the update file, sbbpcrv.exe, to your desktop.
    5. Click the Browse button, find the update file on your desktop, and select Open.

Click the Update button and then the Start button to start the update process.