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Savings Bond Pro® - Unrecognized Database Format...BPCRV.MDB

BPCRV.MDB is the redemption values database for Savings Bond Pro. If the update process is stopped before it's finished, the values in the database can become corrupted. When you next try to update the values, the above error message will appear.


The values database, bpcrv.mdb, can be copied from the Bond Pro installation CD into your Bond Pro folder. The file is located in the “addinst" folder of the Bond Pro installation CD.

  1. Insert the Savings Bond Pro CD into your drive.
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Browse to the CD drive.
  4. Open the "addinst" folder.
  5. Right click on the file, BPCRV.MDB.
  6. Select Copy.
  7. Browse to your Savings Bond Pro folder.
  8. Right click on the Bond Pro folder.
  9. Select Paste.
  10. Click on the Yes button to replace the file.
  11. Open the Savings Bond Pro folder.
  12. Right click on the file, BPCRV.MDB.
  13. Select Properties.
  14. Click on the Read-only box to deselect it.
  15. Click on the Ok button.
  16. Close Windows Explorer.
  17. Continue with the redemption values update.

Note: If you don't have a Savings Bond Pro installation version CD, contact us.