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Contents of the Savings Bond Resource Guide

Section Pg. Section Pg.
Chapter 1 - (PDF 316K) Reissue Transactions Chapter 4- (PDF 668K) Redeemed Savings Bond Clearing  
Reissue Transaction Issues 1-1 Mixed and Separately Sorted Image Cash Letters (ICLs) 4-1
Tax Consequences of Reissue Transactions 1-2 Paper and Facsimile Savings Bonds 4-1
Instructions for Authorized Reissue Transactions 1-2 Adjustments 4-2
Table of Authorized Reissue Transactions 1-4 Preparing Facsimiles 4-2
Chapter 2 - (PDF 20K) Series HH Bonds   Records of Redeemed Bonds 4-3
Chapter 3 - (PDF 2.2MB) Paying Paper Bonds Chapter 5 - (PDF 45K) Trusts  
Timing the Redemption Transactions 3-1 Redeeming Savings Bonds in a Trust Registration 5-1
Responsibility of Paying Agents 3-2 Reissuing Savings Bonds into a Trust Registration 5-2
Identification Procedures 3-2 Other Issues Involving Trust Registrations 5-2
Agent Liability for Losses on Bonds Paid 3-3    
Additional Guidance 3-4    
Completing the Request for Payment 3-5    
Determining the Redemption Value 3-5    
Paying the Presenter 3-6    
Interest Reporting 3-6    
Records of Payment 3-7    
Bonds That Agents Can Pay 3-7    
Redemptions Cases Requiring Evidence 3-12  
Redeeming Savings Stamps 3-14  
Section Pg. Section Pg.
Appendix A - (PDF 29K) A-1 Appendix I - (PDF 49K) I-1
Examples of Trust Registrations Glossary of Terms
Appendix B - (PDF 20K) B-1 Appendix J - (PDF 74K) J-1
Interest Accrual Dates for Series E/EE and I Bonds Questions and Answers
Appendix C - (PDF 11K) C-1 Series EE Bonds (Issued 5/2005 forward)
Forms and Information Packets Series EE Bonds (Issued 5/97-4/05)
Appendix D - (PDF 18K) D-1 Series EE Bonds (Issued 5/95 - 4/97)
The Guide to Cashing Savings Bonds - PD P 0022   Series EE Bonds (Issued 11/82 - 4/95)
Appendix E - (PDF 51K) E-1 Series EE Bonds and Savings Notes (Issued Before 11/82)
Quick Reference Guide Appendix K - (PDF 24K) K-1
Appendix F - (PDF 21K) F-1 Bonds Purchased as IRA Investments
List of Relevant Treasury Circulars Appendix L - (PDF 15K) L-1
Appendix G - (PDF 31K) G-1 Bureau of the Fiscal Service Addresses (For forwarding items only)
Contact List Appendix M - (PDF 29K) M-1
Appendix H - (PDF 318K)   Index
Savings Bonds Training Outline H-1
Introduction H-1
General and Historical Information H-1  
Reissue Transactions H-9  
Paying Bonds H-10