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Savings Bond Resource Guide

The Savings Bond Resource Guide tells agents how to process savings bond transactions.

The guide is available in electronic format only (below).

For your convenience, we've provided a link to the complete Resource Guide and separate links for each chapter and appendix.

Appendix E is the Quick Reference Guide, which you may find helpful.

Note: This guide is subject to change.

Complete Guide

File Size Uploaded Date
Savings Bond Resource Guide 1.7 MB 2/28/2014

Chapters and Appendices

Section Pg. Section Pg.
Chapter 1 - Reissue Transactions (PDF 316K) Chapter 4- Redeemed Savings Bond Clearing (PDF 668K)  
Reissue Transaction Issues 1-1 Depositing Mixed and Separately Sorted Image Cash Letters (ICLs) 4-1
Tax Consequences of Reissue Transactions 1-2 Depositing Paper and Facsimile Savings Bonds 4-1
Instructions for Authorized Reissue Transactions 1-2 Adjustments 4-2
Table of Authorized Reissue Transactions 1-3 Preparing Facsimiles 4-2
Chapter 2 - Series HH Bonds (PDF 20K)   Records of Redeemed Bonds 4-3
Chapter 3 - Paying Paper Bonds (PDF 2.2MB) Chapter 5 - Trusts (PDF 45K)
Timing the Redemption Transaction 3-1 Redeeming Savings Bonds in a Trust Registration 5-1
Responsibilities of Paying Agents 3-2 Reissuing Savings Bonds into a Trust Registration 5-2
Identification Procedures 3-2 Other Reissues Involving Trust Registrations 5-3
Agent Liability for Losses on Bonds Paid 3-3  
Additional Guidance 3-4  
Completing the Request for Payment 3-5  
Determining the Redemption Value 3-5  
Paying the Presenter 3-6    
Interest Reporting 3-6    
Records of Payment 3-7    
Bonds That Agents Can Pay 3-7    
Bonds That Agents Cannot Pay 3-9    
Redemption Cases Requiring Evidence 3-12  
Redeeming Savings Stamps 3-14  
Appendix A - (PDF 29K) Appendix I - (PDF 49K)
Examples of Trust Registrations Glossary of Terms
Appendix B - (PDF 20K) Appendix J - (PDF 74K)
Interest Accrual Dates for Series E/EE and I Bonds Questions and Answers
Appendix C - (PDF 11K) Series EE Savings Bonds Issued May 2005 and Thereafter
Forms and Informational Packets Pertinent to U.S. Savings Bonds/Notes Series EE Savings Bonds (Issued May 1997 through April 2005)
Appendix D - (PDF 18K) Series EE Savings Bonds (Issued May 1995 through April 1997)
The Guide to Cashing Savings Bonds - PD P 0022 Series EE Savings Bonds (Issued November 1982 through April 1995)
Appendix E - (PDF 51K) Series EE Savings Bonds and Savings Notes (Issued Before November 1982)
Series I Savings Bonds
Quick Reference Guide Appendix K - (PDF 24K)
Appendix F - (PDF 21K) Redeeming Paper Bonds Purchased by a Trustee or Custodian as an IRA Investment
List of Relevant Treasury Circulars Appendix L - (PDF 15K)
Appendix G - (PDF 31K) Bureau of the Fiscal Service Address (For forwarding items only)
Contact List Appendix M - (PDF 29K)
Appendix H - (PDF 318K) Index
Savings Bonds Training Outline  
General and Historical Information  
Reissue Transactions  
Paying Bonds