Savings Bond Earnings Reports

NOTE: The Savings Bond Earnings Report has been discontinued. Eliminating this report reduces duplication of information on our site and lowers our costs. The Savings Bond Calculator or Savings Bond Wizard can provide you with current interest rates and redemption values for your bonds.

The Savings Bond Earnings Report lets you find:

  • Savings bond redemption values
  • Six-month earnings as an annual yield
  • Yield from issue date

Earnings reports values are calculated for $100 EE/E and I Bonds and Savings Notes. You can calculate other bond denominations using the values shown in the reports. Values for other denominations are proportional to the $100 values shown. For example, the value of a $50 bond is one-half the amount shown, and the value of a $500 bond is five times the amount shown.

Historical Values

Historical values are available as far back as May 1995.