Reinvest or Redeem Treasury Bills

What you can do with your Treasury bill when it matures depends on where you hold the security.

  • If you hold a bill in TreasuryDirect, when the bill matures, you can redeem or reinvest it.
  • If you hold a bill in Legacy Treasury Direct,* we redeem the bill when it matures.
  • If you hold a bill with a bank or broker, consult the bank or broker to learn your options.



If you hold a bill in TreasuryDirect, you can use the proceeds from the maturing bill to buy another bill of the same term. This is a reinvestment. For instance, if you own a 52-week bill, you can use its proceeds to reinvest into another 52-week bill.

You can schedule a reinvestment either when you buy your original security or up to four business days before the original security matures.  Once you schedule a reinvestment, you can edit or cancel it within the same time frame.  For any of these functions, log in to TreasuryDirect, go to the "ManageDirect" page, find "Manage My Securities," and proceed.  See Learn more about Reinvesting Maturing Proceeds


To redeem your bill you don't need to take action. If you do not provide instructions to deposit the security's principal into your C of I, we deposit the principal into your designated bank account. The deposit is made on the day your security matures.

Legacy Treasury Direct*


We are phasing out Legacy Treasury Direct and no longer allow reinvestments in that system.


To redeem your bill, you don't need to take action. On the day the security matures, we deposit its proceeds into your bank account.

*Legacy Treasury Direct is being phased out.