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Do You Know Where Your Securities Are?

Have you ever wondered how to recover a bond or interest payment that you should have received in the mail? Are you wondering if a deceased relative owned securities? Login into our Treasury Hunt database and find out if we have something that belongs to you.

Did you know?

  • Each year, over 15,000 savings bonds and 25,000 payments return to the Department of the Treasury as undeliverable.
  • In addition, over $9 billion worth of savings bonds and $200 million in registered Treasury securities have stopped earning interest, but haven't been cashed.

Treasury Hunt contains information about undelivered savings bonds, HH/H interest payments, TreasuryDirect payments, and interest payments on registered Treasury notes and bonds. It won't help you search for a lost security, but it can help you find out if there are any securities in your name or in a relative's name. Also, Treasury Hunt tells you about savings bonds and registered Treasury securities that are no longer earning interest. If you still have these securities, cash them so your money can start working for you again.

You may want to bookmark the Treasury Hunt page for future reference.

There are some limitations to the system, so please read the Treasury Hunt screen carefully before beginning your search.