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New Savings Bonds Rates Now Available

November 1, 2004 — New savings bonds rates are now posted on our website. A Series EE or I Bond purchased from November 2004 through April 2005 earns interest at the new rates during the bond's first six months. To see the interest rate for bonds you bought before November 2004, use our Savings Bond Calculator.

Your I Bond earns interest at a rate that's made up of two parts: a fixed rate that lasts the life of your bond and an inflation rate that changes every six months. To learn more about I Bond interest rates, visit our I Savings Bonds Rates and Terms page.

Many EE Bonds also earn interest at variable rates. How we determine your EE Bond's rate depends on when you bought it. Visit our EE Savings Bonds Rates and Terms page to learn more about EE Bond interest rates.

  • New rate for EE Bonds: 3.25%
  • New rate for I Bonds: 3.67%