Page Title: Account Summary for a Minor Account

What you can do on this page:

You may view the minor’s Current Securities and Zero-Percent C of I totals and click the View a summary link to see your most recent purchases, payments, and other activity for the minor's account.

To fund the Zero-Percent C of I, see Learn more about C of I.

For information regarding types of securities in TreasuryDirect, see Learn more about Security Types.

For information regarding the auction of marketable securities, see Learn more about the Auction Process.

To purchase securities in the name of a minor, use the BuyDirect® tab.

You may purchase up to $10,000 of each savings bond type - EE or I bonds - per person each calendar year.

The minimum purchase amount for a Marketable Security is $100 with multiples sold in the same increment. The maximum amount for a noncompetitive purchase is $5 million for each security type in a single auction.

Gift Reminder: A Minor account may receive gift deliveries but may not purchase securities with gift registrations.

HELPFUL HINT: Information at the top right hand corner of the page includes the personalized account name and number for the Primary and Linked account. The Primary account number acts as a text link to return you to the Primary account.

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