Page Title: My Account > Purchase Express Confirmation

What you can do on this page:

Your purchase request for a security is complete. If you wish to view your pending purchase, just click the View/Delete a Pending Purchase/Reinvestment text link on the page.

To delete a pending purchase or check auction information for a specific marketable security (for discount, premium, or accrued interest information), you can access the View/Delete a Pending Purchase/Reinvestment text link by selecting the ManageDirect® tab. Auction information is updated and available after 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you purchased a Marketable Security, your selected Maturity and Interest Payment Destination(s) (if applicable) are displayed. You can edit the payment destination, as well as schedule reinvestment of a marketable security, from your Current Holdings > Summary after the security is issued.

Once the security has been issued, you may view a complete list of your securities and Zero-Percent C of I in Current Holdings.


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