Learn More About Purchase Express

Purchase Express allows you to quickly purchase securities using your preferred registration and primary bank information, or debit your bank account to fund your Zero-Percent C of I. After reviewing Purchase Express Terms and Conditions on the My Account page, fill in the Amount, check the certification box to agree to the Terms and Conditions, click Buy Now, and TreasuryDirect does the rest. The Purchase Express Confirmation page shows all of the details of your purchase. If you wish to view your pending purchase, just click the View/Delete a Pending Purchase/Reinvestment text link on the confirmation page.

To delete a pending purchase or check auction information for a specific marketable security (for discount, premium, or accrued interest information), you can access the View/Delete a Pending Purchase/Reinvestment text link by selecting the ManageDirect® tab. Auction information is updated and available after 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you purchased a Marketable Security, your selected Maturity and Interest Payment Destination(s) (if applicable) are displayed. You can edit a security's payment destination, as well as schedule reinvestment of an eligible marketable security, from your Current Holdings > Summary after the security is issued.

Individual account owners may use the BuyDirect® tab to purchase securities with a different registration or another financial institution. Entity Account Managers may use the BuyDirect tab to purchase securities for an entity using a different financial institution; however, all securities in an entity account carry a registration identical to the entity account name.

You may purchase up to $10,000 of each security type - EE or I bonds - per person (individual or entity) each calendar year. You may purchase up to $5 million of each marketable security type in a single auction.

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