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Treasury Managed Accounts Reports

Interest on Uninvested Funds


The Credit Reform: Interest on Uninvested Funds account 20X1880 was established under the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990, which was intended to more accurately measure the costs of Federal credit programs.

Agencies who borrow from Treasury are required to calculate their own interest income and expense. The payment interest expense to Treasury is handled in Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Federal Borrowings Branch.

Interest income calculated by the agencies to receive payment from Treasury is handled in Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Reporting and Analysis Branch 2.

Agency Responsibility:

On a quarterly basis, the Reporting and Analysis Branch 2 (RAB2) will post the balance by the agency for account 20X1880 to this website. Agencies should review and respond back quarterly to RAB2 via fax (202) 874-9466, or e-mail at tmas@fiscal.treasury.gov regarding the accuracy of the amounts recorded by Treasury, RAB2.

The agency must provide supporting documentation (IPAC) for any changes they want made to the balances posted. The agencies should contact RAB2 at the above e-mail address to request more detailed support for the RAB2 balances.

Agencies should report their quarterly accruals on the confirmation form.

Confirmation FormPDF File
(May load slowly)

When confirming your balance:

  • Complete the Receiving Department portion of the form with your information.
  • Include the RAB2 balances provided on this website in the Providing Agency amount block of the form.
  • Explain any differences between your balance and the RAB2 balances.
  • Please sign the completed form.

When completed, please fax an advance copy, and mail the official signed confirmation and a cover letter to

Fax: (202) 874-9466
Mail: Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Reporting and Analysis Branch 2
Attn: Jacqueline Rich
6505 Belcrest Road, Room 341E
Hyattsville, MD 20782
Phone: (202) 874-9145

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Credit Reform: Interest on Uninvested Funds Account (20X1880)
Agency Total Costs as of September 30, 2017
Defense Security Corporation Agency 23,763,499.73
Department of Agriculture  636,524,312.22
Department of Commerce  1,680,483.22
Department of Interior  1,323,593.19
Department of State  28,008.72
Department of the Treasury (CDFI-2085-20X4366) 3,430,422.25
Department of the Treasury (CDFI-2085-20X4088) 98,083.90
Department of the Treasury (GSE-2084)         20,915,320.08
Department of the Treasury (OFS-2007) 4,311,260.22
Department of the Treasury (SBLF-2091)  1,164,342.79
Department of the Treasury (IMF-2092) 0.00
Federal Communications Commission  409.57
Department of Veteran Affairs  212,181,718.44
Environmental Protection Agency 0.00
Department of Transportation  67,018,271.99
Homeland Security-FEMA  219,900.34
Overseas Private Investment Corporation  18,443,282.73
Agency for International Development  157,639,139.72
Small Business Administration  155,591,139.62
Dept of Health and Human Services (75X4442)    28,431.95
Dept of Health and Human Services (75X4418&75X4482)  7,377,857.98
Export-Import Bank of the U.S.  168,115,143.06
Department of Housing and Urban Development 1,478,174,565.49
Department of Energy 39,749,640.07
Department of Education  5,348,543,476.31
Department of Defense  5,644,439.23
Total 8,351,966,742.82

NOTE: Agency balance represents the FY2017 Intragovernment Payment and Collections (IPACs) received by Fiscal Services/RAB2.