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Treasury's Borrowings Program
Office of Public Debt Accounting - Bureau of the Public Debt


Borrowings Home Help TABS Home

General Help:
What is the due date for submitting transactions for a given month?
Borrowing and repayment transactions must be submitted by 3:00 pm EST on the last business day of the month. Interest payment SF1081s, with supporting documentation, are due on the first workday following the interest payment date.
How do I inform BAT of a new sub-cohort?
Submit a new Sub-Cohort Identification Request Form, which can be found under Forms on this website.
What do I do if I discover that I have borrowed or repaid too much on a transaction?
Reverse the erroreous transaction and resubmit a corrected borrowing or repayment.
Contact the Borrowings Accounting Team for guidance.

Federal Credit Reform Act (FCRA) Help:
When is my FCRA interest payment due?
FCRA interest payments are due on the last day of the fiscal year, September 30th.
Interest payment SF1081s, with supporting calculations, are due on October 1st.
What do I do if I can't pay my FCRA loan interest payment?
If funds are not available to meet your FCRA loan interest payment due on September 30th, it is necessary to borrow the funds from the Treasury. The effective date of an interest payment borrowing is September 30th.
Where can I find more information about FCRA borrowings?
OMB Circular A11 and A34
TFM Part 2, Chapter 4600
Federal Credit Support Page at


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Updated October 23, 2002

Bureau of the Public Debt