Build a Brighter Future for Your Child

Savings bonds are an affordable, safe and convenient way to save for your child’s future. Consider opening a TreasuryDirect account for your child to save for college or other future needs. You can also encourage family and friends to give savings bonds to your child as gifts. Interest earned on savings bonds is exempt from federal income tax when used toward education expenses.

Teaching your child about the importance of saving is another way you can support his or her financial future. Encourage your child to go to the TreasuryDirect KIDS website for videos, games and other fun, educational resources on savings.


TreasuryDirect KIDS' Games
KIDS' Games
The History of U.S. Savings Bonds
The History of U.S.
Savings Bonds
The Art of Bonds
The Art of Bonds


Buying Bonds Online
Buying Bonds Online
Uncle Sam Speaks: Video Clips Promoting Savings Bonds
Uncle Sam Speaks
Vintage Savings Bonds
Video Clips
Buying a Digital Savings Bond as a Gift
Buying a Digital
Savings Bonds as a Gift


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