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EZ Clear Depositor MICR Encoding Guidelines

  • All MICR encoding should be done directly on the bonds.
  • Series A-E large style (8" x 7") paper bonds should be placed in a clear front document carrier so that the face of the bond that contains the serial number, issue date, and paid stamp is visible. All MICR encoding should be done on the document carrier.
  • Encoding strips and document carriers should only be used as “reject/repair options.” The only exception to this guideline is the handling of "old style" large paper bonds (8" x 7"), which need to be routinely folded and placed in document carriers.
  • Do not encode on a document carrier or encoding strip without first trying to encode on the bond itself.
  • When using pressure sensitive document carriers, the adhesive strip should NEVER be removed. Bonds should not be taped, stapled, or otherwise attached to the carrier.
  • The use of encoding tabs is acceptable as long as the serial number is not covered.
  • MICR encoding in the transaction code (TC), the account number (A/N), and auxiliary on-us fields is strictly prohibited. Also, encoding a routing/transit number other than 000090007 is prohibited.
  • All bonds should be MICR encoded with the redeemed amount, not face amount, directly on the bond in the amount field.
  • Bonds deposited in a mixed cash letter need 000090007 MICR encoded as the routing transit number directly on the bond, in addition to the redeemed amount.
  • Cash letter information should include: the financial institution’s name, routing/transit number, date of deposit, total items and dollar amount deposited, and all bundle amounts listed that equal the total dollar amount deposited.
  • The maximum number of bonds permitted in an EZ Clear fine sort cash letter is 3,000 items. Depositors may submit multiple EZ Clear fine sort cash letters on a given business day, provided each cash letter does not exceed 3,000 items. The item limit does not pertain to mixed cash letters.
  • Each bundle of work must be separated and a detail listing of each item must be attached. The maximum number of items for each bundle is limited to 300.
  • The payment stamp must be located on the front of the bond in the unused space to the left of the issue date, without stamping over any information on the bond.

For more information, please contact:

EZ Clear Department
(800) 245-2804, option #4, option #4