Incorrect HH/H Savings Bond Registration

When a bond is reissued, the bond's registration is changed. Name changes, typographical errors, or a change of address for the bond owner may not require that a bond be reissued.

Name Changes

You do not need to reissue your bonds if:

  • Your name changes because of marriage. When you redeem the bonds, simply sign your former name and your married name on the bonds.
  • Your name is misspelled or contains a small "typo."

Note:  If your name has changed by marriage, please write to the address at the bottom of this page so we may update our records.  Provide the serial numbers and the Social Security Number that appear on the bonds.  Also, state your present legal name and your former name.

You may need to reissue your bonds if:

  • Your name changes for a reason other than marriage. If a court is involved in your name change, you’ll need to reissue your bonds.
  • A misspelling or typo that could prevent the correct person from redeeming the bond.

For either situation above, the bond buyer needs to fill out and sign form PD F 4000 (download or order) to show the correct registration. The form and the bond(s) should then be mailed the address shown on the form.

Address Changes

The address that appears on savings bonds has no effect on ownership or the ability of an entitled person to redeem the bonds.

Note: If your address has changed, please write to the address at the bottom of this page so we may update our records.

Social Security Numbers

The Social Security Number on savings bonds is used only for record keeping purposes and has no effect on the ownership or tax liability of the bonds. When redeeming bonds, the person must give his or her Social Security Number for Federal income tax reporting.

On paper savings bonds issued or replaced on or after August 1, 2006, the first five digits of your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number will be masked and replaced with asterisks. This is being done to protect your privacy and to prevent the information from being used for identity theft.

If the Social Security Number on your bond is incorrect, please send us a letter including the following information so we can update our records.

  • Serial numbers
  • Issue dates
  • Denominations
  • Registration of the bonds
  • Incorrect Social Security Numbers
  • Correct Social Security Numbers

This information will allow us to identify the bonds using the correct Social Security Number if we ever need to search our records. Send the information to:

Bureau of the Fiscal Service
P.O. Box 2186
Parkersburg, WV 26106-2186