Correcting a Social Security Number (SSN) on a Bond

This information is only about paper bonds.

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Why can't I see the entire SSN on the bond?

Since August 1, 2006, we mask the first five numbers of the Social Security Number (or Employer Identification Number) on all paper savings bonds. We do this to protect your privacy and to keep the information from being used for identity theft. You see asterisks ** for those numbers.

What does Treasury use the SSN for?

The SSN on a paper savings bond is only for keeping bond records.

Must I give my SSN when I redeem the bond?

Yes. You must give your correct Social Security Number when you redeem (cash in) the bond. The SSN is used to issue a Form 1099-INT to report the interest to you and to the IRS. You must then report the interest on your federal income tax form.

What if the SSN on the bond is wrong?

We want to have the correct SSN in our records in case we ever need to search the records.

To tell us about an incorrect SSN on a bond, please send a letter with the following information:

  • Incorrect Social Security Number
  • Correct Social Security Number
  • For each bond that has the wrong SSN
    • Serial number
    • Issue date
    • Denomination – for example, that it is a $50 bond or that it is a $100 bond
    • Registration – owner, co-owner (if there is one), beneficiary (if there is one)

Do not send the bonds. Only send this information.

Send the letter to:

Bureau of the Fiscal Service
P.O. Box 7012
Parkersburg, WV 26106-7012