Electronic Treasury Report

The Electronic Treasury Report is a summary of the electronic business that the U.S. Treasury participates in monthly. The information is broken down by security type, amount issued at PAR, and the total securities outstanding at PAR regardless of when it was issued. The numbers are rounded to billions and provide a quick summary of the marketable volume.

NOTE: October 2009 is the final Electronic Treasury Report that will be available on the website. Please contact the Securities Accounting Team at SecuritiesAccountingTeam@bpd.treas.gov or at (304) 480-5161 if you have any concerns about this change.

Electronic Treasury - Public Debt Marketable Securities
October 31, 2009
Total Securities Issued Total Securities Outstanding
Marketable Issues (electronic) Dollar Value (billions) Dollar Value (billions)
Bills $519 $1,859
Notes $59 $3,818
Bonds $12 $692
TIPS $15 $567
Totals $606 $6,936